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To Madara, he was always the man who could change everything.

Can I just…analyze this scene for a moment?

I absolutely adore the look of reluctance on Madara’s face, still being a rather new leader to the Uchiha during this point. He’s heard the name of Hashirama Senju countless times, heard numerous tales of his leadership and strength that glorified the Senju clan. And, Madara, with all his ambition and confidence, is scared to lose against this guy, to disappoint his clan. Hashirama has the same expression set on his face, mature and remaining calm. Madara looks like a overwhelmed kid in this scene. If it would have been the Madara we know in his current state, he would have easily won this battle with a cooler head and more experience. But he isn’t, and he still tied with the best of the best. That was a contributing factor to what set in motion the arrogance that we see in Madara today.

Damn, I love their rivalry and mutual respect for one another. 

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